Client Testimonials

“eco evolutions has been working with us since 2010 to guide us through a number of LEED-EB certification and recertification projects. They provide technical LEED expertise as well as project management services, which allow us to minimize internal resource requirements while earning LEED-EB and EnergyStar certifications. With our limited internal resources, we would not have been able to earn these certifications without a partner like eco evolutions. They are able to navigate through the sometimes complicated requirements for LEED certification and provide clear direction to our organization. They have taken the time to learn our organization and leverage that knowledge to align LEED requirements with our existing practices. They have also transferred best practices from one site to others to facilitate the adoption of new requirements for LEED at multiple sites. eco evolutions continues to provide value to our organization and we have benefited greatly from the synergies that they have implemented. “

– Daniel Cassidy, Regional Manager of Energy & Sustainability at a Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company or Healthcare Company

“We have contracted eco evolutions to lead our teams through several LEED certifications and re-certifications over the past few years. While we have LEED AP’s on staff, we cannot match the in depth knowledge of LEED, and successful LEED project experience, that eco evolutions demonstrates. They are able to guide us through these difficult projects and balance our resources, almost making it easy to gain certification. Many companies are reluctant to embrace the LEED process due to concerns over the time investment and complexity, it is my belief that if everyone had a partner like eco evolutions, there would be many more LEED certified buildings in existence.”

– Paul Hiler, Staff Engineer, Energy and Sustainability, Global Healthcare Company

“Superb services at competitive costs.

Many general contractors, architects, and engineering firms have LEED APs on staff nowadays and offer services in leading the LEED applications. It sounded like a good idea. Princetel followed that logic at the beginning of the 41,500 square foot LEED Gold project and quickly learned that an independent LEED AP could play a more effective roll. It provides a check and balances among all parties involved. It also offers a different perspective on a complex project such as ours. To put it plainly, independent LEED APs work for their clients while non-independent ones work for their employers.

So we selected eco evolutions in the middle of the run to take over the project. It was a very good decision indeed. The firm has a highly professional staff. They are very client focused, highly responsive, and extremely organized. Above all, they are in the business as true believers in sustainability. LEED services ares more than a business to them. We are very pleased with their work and grateful that they did not slow down even when our project cycle was extended. We are looking forward to receiving the LEED Gold certification.

I would highly recommend eco evolutions to anyone who is engaged in LEED construction or renovation. I have no doubt that Princetel will work with the firm again on future projects.”

– Barry Zhang, President, Princetel


“Pennington Montessori School has had the pleasure of working with eco evolutions the last year and it has been absolutely wonderful. In our quest to obtain LEED certification Bina and Brian have not only been our guides and support system, but more importantly great educators. On behalf of myself, the staff and entire student population of the school I cannot begin to tell you how much we have learned from eco evolutions. We not only obtained LEED Silver Certification but all live a greener life thanks to our experience. I highly recommend eco evolutions for your future projects.”

– Kathleen Hannah, Director, Pennington Montessori School


“As the in-house LEED Project Manager, I relied on eco evolutions for general consulting services for LEED EB certification of the AJC’s National Headquarters, a 60+ year old building. eco evolutions provided top tier consulting throughout the entire process. eco evolutions assisted with the planning of the LEED certification process, AJC’s collection of performance data, preparation of the required documentation to meet LEED standards, and review of our data prior to project submission. eco evolutions continuously demonstrated an impressive knowledge of the LEED program, a strong attention to detail, and was very responsive. Bina Indelicato and Brian Cerra treated AJC’s project with great care and sensitivity to time and budget constraints. They identified additional credit opportunities, streamlined systems, and found workable solutions as project issues arose. With their expertise, we achieved LEED EB Gold certification on schedule and within budget!”

– Amanda Mishler, American Jewish Committee

“eco evolutions has assisted the USTA in every phase of creating a plan to green our premier event the US Open. They guided us from development of our green plan through to execution and tracking of progress in our journey to green our game. eco evolution has helped us to elevate our game.”

– Joe Crowley, Senior Director, Operations, USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center

“As developers and property managers of health care facilities, we incorporate elements of sustainability, environmental comfort and operational efficiency into our buildings. To ensure that these values are incorporated into all of our projects from the very beginning and that all team members are aware of the goals, we worked with eco evolutions to document our current efforts and create a customized ‘Eco Guide’. The ‘Anchor Eco Guide’ serves as a resource for our design team and contractors to clearly define our sustainability goals and develop metrics which are measurably tracked for accomplishment. Bina and Brian were able to understand who we are as a company and help translate that to a governing document. Their knowledge of sustainable building practices and environmental guidelines was extremely helpful and their organization and methodology helped keep the project on track. They were great to work with.”

– Rachel Royer, Development Director, Anchor Health Properties